Just a teenager living with depression, insomnia and self harm.
Trying to get through another day...

Depression Insanity

"There are words that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds."

I finally decided that people believed in an afterlife because they couldnt bear not to. - Looking For Alaska

When you’re in an accident, the paramedics will stop you moving because you might have done some damage and not be able to feel it. Your brain can only cope with one pain and blocks the rest out, so you might have broken your arm and three ribs but all you can feel is the pain of your shattered ankle,

That’s kinda the idea of self harm; to stop myself feeling the pain of self loathing, my parents shouting, and everyone hating me, I have to make myself hurt, until that’s the only pain I can feel, I can deal with the pain of cuts, not the pain inside

- K.h ~ brokenpencilsharpener.tumblr.com (via brokenpencilsharpener)

(via brokenpencilsharpener)

Some people say that depression is like falling into a deep pit. Stuck at the bottom with no light and no way out.
I say its like being pulled slowly into an endless dark tunnel. Because sometimes you may escape the hands pulling you and you might think you’re okay. But then they grab you again and you get pulled deeper and deeper until the darkness crushes you and you stop fighting. There is no escape. You give in to the darkness consuming you and walk yourself into the tunnel without looking back.